ANNEX  (narrative feature)

Director: Andrew DiCristina
Camera: Devin Cutter // Bryan Fusco // Jian Giglia

Keene State College Film Department

Canon 5DMK3/60D + Zeiss Jena M42

OVERVIEW Annex is an independent feature-length film that grew out of a senior thesis project at Keene State College. Comprised of only a six-person crew and a small budget, this production was a huge undertaking and a great learning opportunity.

Nick and his brother Michael have always been close, but when Michael abruptly passes away, Nick's world is turned upside down. While sorting out his late brother's affairs, Nick uncovers an unknown device that Michael had been hiding. As Nick delves into the nature of the device, he learns that he is not the only one searching for answers, as death and chaos slowly consume his once normal life. What is the device - and more importantly, will Nick be alive to find out?