Black Eskimo - "My Love's a 45"  (music video)

Director: Andrew DiCristina
DP: Devin Cutter

Artist: Black Eskimo
Album: Deep + Heady - EP
Label: Ten Windows Records

Canon 60D/Panasonic GH3 + Zeiss Jena M42/Tokina


In the fall of 2013 I was approached by musical group Black Eskimo about producing a music video for a track off their debut album Deep and Heady that would coincide with its release. The group came with slew of parameters for the project including a location to shoot in, a minimal budget, limited availability, and an initial concept for a video that had a simplistic feel with Victorian-era/retro vibes and elements of fantasy. Up for the challenge and wanting to collaborate with these artists, we began to further develop a scenario for a video that would bring their ideas to life and stay true to their image as a band.